Washable Booth Coatings

Washable Booth Coating is simple and easy to use. Washable booth coating comes in a water-based formula – in both white & clear colors. Washable booth coating is popular with automotive finishers & refinishers, and is high temperature resistant for use in bake oven paint booths. Washable booth coating and strippable booth coating is great to use if you would like to maintain a safe and clean paint booth operation.

              Dry                                  Tacky

Washable Booth Coating
comes in 1 & 5-gallon pails for ease of use. Please agitate your washable booth coating before applying to ensure a proper application. . Washable booth coating can be applied using a roller or spray gun. For spray gun application – please use the largest orifice tip for your spray gun setup. This will ensure that your washable booth coating will be applied in an even and accurate manner. FAQ’s regarding washable booth coating:  

 1.) What is my washable booth coating made of?

Answer: Washable booth coating is water-based. It comes off with a standard pressure washer and the waste remnants are drained into the paint booth floor drain.

2.) What size container does washable booth coating come in?

Answer: Washable booth coating comes in 1 (or) 5-gallon pails for easy application and portability.

3.) When do I use washable vs. Peelable coating?

Answer: Washable booth coating is often worth using if you have a paint booth with a drain. Washable booth coating provides illumination, protects the paint booth & operator, and helps create a cleaner working environment.

4.) How long does a coat of booth coat last?

Answer: There is no set maintenance schedule for washable booth coating. It is recommended that washable booth coating be replaced at least two times per year to avoid adhesion to the walls of the paint booth.

5.) How can I protect the lights and windows in my paint booth?

Answer: Using washable booth coating is a great way to keep spray booth lights and windows looking clean.

6.) I can’t decide which washable booth coating is right for me – dry or tacky?

Answer: Washable booth coating in the tacky formula is ideal for dusty shops. Washable booth coating in the dry formula is good for any paint booth with a drain that is fairly clean.

7.) Can I ship all year?

Answer: Washable booth coating will ship via UPS unless large quantity orders are placed. We will hold orders when temperatures are below freezing.

8.) Is there a concern if it freezes?

Answer: No, there is a freeze that formula available. Please review the thawing instructions carefully.

9.) Do I have to prepare anything before I apply washable booth coating to the walls?

Answer: It is best to clean all walls of the paint booth before applying washable booth coating. Wall surfaces must be sealed and non-porous to ensure proper adhesion & rinsing of your washable booth coating.

10.)Should I brush or spray it on the walls?
Answer: It is best to apply washable booth coating using a spray gun with a large orifice tip. This will ensure that the washable booth coating goes on in a uniform fashion.

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