Strippable Booth Coatings

Strippable Booth Coating is available in a water-based formula with several color and performance differences. Strippable booth coating can be purchased in a white or clear variation. Because the strippable booth coating is a water-based formula, it is very friendly to the environment. Please note, that there is a high-temperature resistant water based strippable booth coating that is available (for use in bake oven paint booths). Regular strippable booth coating is for use in conventional paint booths, where there is no built in curing oven being used.

  Strippable Water based                High Temperature DRY

Strippable booth coating is offered in 1 & 5-gallon pails for volume or small volume usage. If you are an automotive finisher & refinisher and would like a great peelable / strippable high-temperature resistant product, use the water based strippable booth coating in the high-temperature resistant variation. Please note that strippable booth coating must be agitated well before applying. Strippable booth coating can be applied using a roller or spray gun. For spray gun application – use the largest orifice tip for your spray gun setup. This will ensure that your strippable booth coating will be applying in an even accurate manner. FAQ’s regarding strippable booth coating:

1.) What is my strippable booth coating made of?

Answer: Most strippable booth coating is water-based and can also come in solvent-based variations. Spray America offers water-based strippable booth coating only.

2.) What size container does strippable booth coating come in?

Answer: Strippable booth coating comes in 1 (or) 5-gallon pails for easy application.

3.) Do I need to use strippable booth coating in my paint booth?

Answer: Though not required to be used, strippable booth coating is often worth using. Strippable booth coating provides illumination, protects the paint booth & operator, and helps create a cleaner working environment.

4.) When do I need to change my coating?

Answer: There is no set maintenance schedule for strippable booth coating. It is recommended that strippable booth coating be replaced at least two times per year to avoid adhesion to the walls of the paint booth.

5.) How do I reduce the amount of paint/finish overspray on the lights and windows in my paint booth?

Answer: Using clear strippable booth coating is a great way to keep spray booth lights and windows looking their best.

6.) I can’t decide which strippable booth coating color is right for me?

Answer: For wall applications, white strippable booth coating works best. For light & windows applications, clear strippable booth coating works best. If the walls are already painted white, clear strippable booth coating may be sufficient for the entire paint booth.

7.) How many size containers are available?

Answer: You can order 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums.

8.) What are typical lead times for booth coatings?

Answer: All in-stock strippable booth coating ships out within 24-48 hours from when order is placed. *Please note, during winter months, shipping may be delayed on some water based strippable booth coating & washable booth coating.

9.) When I use strippable booth coating, do I have to prepare anything before I apply to the walls?

Answer: It is best to clean all walls of the paint booth before applying strippable booth coating. Wall surfaces must be sealed and non-porous to ensure proper adhesion & peeling of your strippable booth coating.

10.)How do I apply strippable booth coating on paint booth walls?

Answer: It is best to apply strippable booth coating using a spray gun with a large orifice tip. This will ensure that the strippable booth coating goes on in a uniform fashion.

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