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HVLP Spray Guns are considered low pressure and high volume. HVLP spray guns are specially designed to spread paint/finish onto a part at lower pressure. HVLP spray guns are considered quite efficient, in that they help reduce the amount of overspray that is produced while painting. Air-assisted airless spray guns use air pressure that is above 300PSI to create an atomizing effect to the paint/finish the spray gun operator is spraying. Air-assisted airless spray guns produce high transfer and speedy application of paint/finish particulate. Conventional spray guns offer a more conventional approach to spray gun science. Conventional spray guns are not quite as efficient as HVLP & air-assisted airless spray guns. Nearly 33% of paint that is sprayed from conventional spray guns is wasted. Spray guns can also come in kits, making it easier to choose the right type of setup without fumbling around. Pressure tanks, spray gun hoses, and spray gun cleaning kits are also available in the marketplace to help your spray gun outfit be as efficient as possiblea.com.

How can I reduce the amount of overspray with my spray gun setup?

Answer: Use an HVLP spray gun that is designed to reduce the amount of overspray.
What other types of spray guns can I use to help reduce the amount of paint that I seem to be wasting in my paint booth?

Answer: Air-assisted airless spray guns are good spray guns to help reduce wasted paint coming out of the spray gun.

Why does it seem like I am spraying a lot of paint out of my spray gun but not much paint is going on the part?

Answer: You may be using a conventional spray gun that needs to be updated, although conventional spray guns can be effective, they are not as efficient as more modern spray gun design types.

What accessories/equipment may I need to purchase with my new HVLP spray guns?

Answer: Spray gun hoses, spray gun pressure tanks, and spray gun cleaning kits may help the efficiency of your spray gun outfit.

What is the most common type of spray guns used today?

Answer: More so now than ever, HVLP spray guns are seen in the marketplace.
What are some drawbacks to using HVLP spray guns?

Answer: HVLP spray guns run on more compressed air than conventional spray guns, this tends to result in an increase in energy costs associated with operating them.
How can I increase the speed at which my painters work?

Answer: Have them use air-assisted airless spray guns. Air-assisted airless spray guns increase product speed because of their design nature and functionality.
How can I save money when purchasing my new spray guns?

Answer: Spray gun kits are great for this. Everything is included in them needles, nozzles, etc.

Why am I having trouble using my HVLP spray guns?

Answer: HVLP spray guns that are used with very heavy coatings tend to create problems for the painter/finisher. It is best to use different style spray guns than HVLP spray guns.

10.)Why am I having trouble with my local EPA authorities when I am using my spray gun?
Answer: You may be using a conventional spray gun. It is best to evaluate your needs and speak with a professional regarding your needs. Please call or email us with any questions.


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