Spray Gun Kits

Spray America proudly offers CA Technologies spray gun kits. Spray gun kits are a great way to purchase multiple spray gun outfits in one easy to handle package. FAQ’s regarding spray gun kits.

 1.) Why should I get a spray gun kit instead of piecing together a spray gun outfit?

Answer: Spray gun kits offer a range of different setups, regulators, cups, tools and other items necessary for a great finish.

2.) Will I be able to use my spray gun kit to refinish automobiles?

Answer: Yes, Spray America’s spray gun kits are available in automotive versions.

3.) Do I need more than one type of spray gun, or will a spray gun kit cover my needs?

Answer: The beauty of a spray gun kit is that they can handle multiple jobs. Spray gun kits are convenient and simple to achieve a great finished product.

4.) Can I get a spray gun kit with a cup on the gun?

Answer: Yes, compliant spray gun kits are available with gravity feed cups and in standard type spray gun types.

5.) What types of industries do spray gun kits cover as far as tips, needles, etc.?

Answer: Spray gun kits are available for automotive refinishers, metal finishers, and woodworkers.

6.) What air caps are available with spray gun kits?

Answer: Spray gun kits are available with many air caps: HVLP, CPR, and other air caps.

7.) Is a kit right for me?

Answer: Spray gun kits offer great value to wide range of consumers. Everything you need is in there.

8.) What is in the kit?

Answer: Regulators, cups, carrying case and tools.

9.) Will the kit parts fit my gun?

Answer: Your rep will help assure you get the correct kit.
10.)How do I choose the right setup for my needs when purchasing a spray gun kit?

Answer: It is important to recognize the type of finishing you will be doing. Spray America can help you with a spray gun kit setup.

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