Protective Cling Films For Paint Booth

Protective Film for Windows & Lights
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Protective Cling Film in the paint booth is especially used on the lights and windows. Protective cling film comes on a roll and is clear in color so that it is transparent when applied. Protective cling film comes in two roll widths: 12” & 18” wide. Protective cling film comes in one roll length: 100’.

It is important to note that protective cling film be changed on a regular basis to avoid unwanted adhesion to the lights and/or windows of the paint booth. It is also beneficial to note, protective cling film only works well if the surfaces it is being applied to are clean and free from paint & dust particulate. FAQ’s regarding protective cling film for your paint booth:

1.) What is protective cling film made of?

Answer: Protective cling film is made of various resins & polyethylene.

2.) What sizes do the protective cling film rolls come in?

Answer: Protective cling film comes in 12” & 18” widths, and 100’ lengths.

3.) Where do I use cling film?

Answer: Mainly on the lights & windows.

4.) When do I need to change film?

Answer: There is no set schedule to change the protective cling film, however it is good to change out at least every couple of weeks if not spraying regularly. Set up a normal PM schedule to include film replacement.

5.) How do I reduce the amount of paint/finish overspray on the lights and windows in my paint booth?

Answer: Use protective cling film on the lights and windows in your paint booth.

6.) I can’t decide which roll width of protective cling film I should purchase?

Answer: Protective cling film is not a precise maintenance item. When in doubt, go for the 18” wide rolls because they can be used in almost any application.

7.) How long is the roll?

Answer: 100’ Long

8.) Do I need an adhesive with the film?

Answer: NO, It is self-clinging.

9.) Can I tear this by hand?

Answer: No, it is recommended to use a utility knife or scissors.

10.)How do I apply protective cling film to the lights and windows in the paint booth?

Answer: It is best to extend a sheet of protective cling film from the roll spool, wrap around the desired area, then cut to size.

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