Powder Coating  Filters

Powder Coating Filters are very important for powder booth maintenance. There are three basic types of powder coating filters for your powder coating system – powder cartridges, final filters, and pocket bag filters. Powder coating filters (powder cartridges) typically use an 80/20 cellulose paper/poly blend, or 100% spun-bond polyester media types. Powder coating filters (final filters) are used after the cartridge filter housings. The most popular types of powder coating filters (final filters) are usually 95% efficient. Powder coating filters (final filters) are usually available in box style, single header and double-header mounting variations.

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Powder Coating Filters (pocket bag filters) are used in most “spray-to-waste” powder coating paint booths. Powder coating filters (pocket bag filters) come with an internal wire frame for support to be used within the grid system of the paint booth. Powder coating filters (pocket bag filters) in some operations are swept and vacuumed to prolong the powder coating filters’ (pocket bag filter) service life. FAQ’s regarding powder coating filters:

1.)How do I know which powder coating filters (powder cartridges) will work best for me?

Answer: Powder coating filters (powder cartridges) are available in various mounting styles & media types. Please contact Spray America with any questions you may have regarding powder coating filters.

How come my powder coating filters (powder cartridges) “plug up” after I spray dark colored fine powder coat?

Answer: Powder coating filters (powder cartridges) can be susceptible to a filter phenomenon called “blinding”. Powder coating filter (powder cartridges) blinding can be reduced through the usage of an 80/20 cellulose paper/poly blended media type as apposed to a 100% spun-bond polyester media type.
If I am re-claiming my powder coat substrate for re-use, which filter is best to use?

Answer: Powder coating filters (powder cartridges) that are constructed using 100% spun-bond polyester are best to use in this application.

Why does it seem like my powder coating filters (final filters) may be plugging up inside of the powder booth?
Answer: Most likely, there may be a breach in your powder coating filter’s system at the powder cartridge level. One must check the installation of the powder coating filters (powder cartridges) to ensure by-pass is not occurring.

My powder coating filters (final filters) have a picture frame looking piece of metal on the face of them, which powder coating filters (final filters) should I order?

Answer: Your powder coating filters (final filters) mount using a “single-header” style. When ordering powder coating filters (final filters) that look to have something that resembles a picture frame mounted to them, make sure to specify & choose the single-header type.

Why does the powder coat substrate I am spraying seem like it is not adhered to my metal parts; is it a problem with my powder coating filters (powder cartridges, pocket bag filters or final filters)?

Answer: Powder coating filters may or may not be the problem here. It is best to check the life of your powder coating filters (powder cartridges, pocket bag filters, or final filters) first, then check other variable such as powder gun tips, etc.

How can I reduce the level of excess powder buildup in my powder coating filters (pocket bag filters)?

Answer: Sometimes, powder coating paint booth operators may vacuum or sweep excess powder coat particulate from the powder coating filters (pocket bag filters). Other times, it is best to change out to a new set of powder coating filters (pocket bag filters).

Will using 100% spun-bond polyester powder coating filters (powder cartridges) help to increase airflow in my powder system?

Answer: It depends on what types of powder coat particulate is being sprayed into the powder coating filters (powder coating). As mentioned before, powder coating filter (powder cartridges) blinding may reduce the amount of airflow through a powder coating filter (powder cartridges).
Should I use an 80/20 cellulose paper/polyester blending powder coating filter (powder cartridges)?

Answer: Yes, if you are not reclaiming the powder coat substrate. The 80/20 cellulose paper/polyester is a great filter for the value conscious powder coating filter (powder cartridge) user.

10.)How can I stop more powder in my powder coating booth?

Answer: Use higher efficiency powder coating filters (pocket bag filter) other than standard economy grade powder coating filters (pocket bag filter).

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