Powder Cartridges

Powder Cartridges are a necessary maintenance expense if you want a great finished product. Powder cartridges are available in many media types. Spray America carries powder cartridges in 80/20 cellulose paper/poly blended and 100% spun-bond polyester media types. Cellulose paper/poly blended powder cartridges are cost effective and perform way – especially if you operate a spray to waste powder coating system. Polyester powder cartridges are usually used in reclaim powder coating systems. Polyester powder cartridges have excellent releasing properties, so reclaiming powder is made easier.

Powder cartridges in 80/20 cellulose paper/poly and 100% polyester media types are usually offered in the following sizes: 26” & 36” lengths, 12.74” & 13.8” OD’s (outer diameter). Powder cartridges are available in many mounting styles – depending on the original manufacturer of the powder coating system. Most commonly, powder cartridges come in open/open, open/closed, and open/closed with bolt-hole mounting variations. It is important to recognize the type of powder system you operate when determining which powder cartridge is right for you.

 1.) How do I increase my ability to reclaim more powder coat from my powder cartridges in my powder-coating booth?

Answer: Use 100% spun bond polyester powder cartridges in your powder coating booth. Polyester powder cartridges have better releasing properties compared to 80/20 cellulose paper/poly powder cartridges.

2.) How should I store the cartridges?
Answer: Keep the filters in their shipping boxes. Stack no more than three high.

3.) Can I wash these?

Answer: Consider washing your spunbond polyester powder cartridges. Spray America’s spunbond polyester powder cartridges are washable to extend service life. Washing paper cartridges in not recommended.

4.) How can I maintain a powder cartridge booth that is efficient and always performing well?

Answer: Back pulse powder cartridges off line often to keep powder cartridges clean.

5.) When do I need to change cartridges?

Answer: It is a good idea to check the measurement on your magnehelic gauge. Recommend changing at 5” – 8” back pressure. Refer to maintenance manual for OEM recommendations.

6.) If I back pulse my powder cartridges offline, how will this help my finish?

Answer: Back pulsing cartridges simply cleans them out – clean powder cartridges lead to a better-finished product.

7.) Why should I use powder cartridges?

Answer: Powder cartridges are often a requirement to a powder coating system. Powder cartridges help reclaim unused powder coat substrate for reuse.

8.) How come my polyester powder cartridges seem like they are not drawing but they are brand new?

Answer: Even brand new powder cartridges may be susceptible to a condition called “blinding”. Blinding occurs when dark color or fine particulate powder coat substrate clogs the pores of the powder cartridge filter media’s surface.

9.) Is it safe to ship UPS?
Answer: If possible, we recommend shipping LTL. The filters are fragile and UPS handles a lot of boxes with mechanical conveyors. Orders of 8 or more filters will incur less freight on a truck than individual boxes shipping UPS ground.

10.)How can I increase the airflow in my paint/powder coating booth?

Answer: Powder cartridges that are cleaned and properly maintained will help increase and sustain optimal airflow throughout the powder coating booth. Assure your pulse air is clean and dry.

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