Polyester Panel Air Filters

Polyester Panel Air Filters can be used in homes, plants, warehouses, and sometimes paint booths. Polyester panel air filters offer the benefit of “mid-level” efficiency and stopping power in an economical package. Polyester panel air filters are made of synthetic poly media and a rigid cardboard frame. Polyester panel air filters’ cardboard frame offers rigidity so that it can support itself when installed into framework.

                 Polyester Panel Air Filters

Polyester Panel Air Filters are used when a consumer wishes to have mid-level stopping power and excellent longevity. Polyester panel air filters are widely used throughout many applications in the marketplace. Many polyester panel air filter sizes are available. With widths ranging from 1”, and 2” – Spray America has the polyester panel air filter you are looking for. FAQ’s regarding polyester panel air filters:

 FAQ’s regarding pleated panel air filters:

1.) How do I increase my ability to keep my plant air cleaner?

Answer: Use polyester panel air filters and change them out regularly.

2.) How much room do I need to store these?
Answer: they will fit on a shelf off of the ground. Avoid stacking heavy items on top or the filters will get crushed.

3.) How do I increase the life of my polyester panel air filters?

Answer: Polyester panel air filters that are used in clean environments will last longer. If the area you are using the filters in is dusty and dirty, service life of the polyester panel air filters may be compromised.

4.) How should I figure out what size polyester panel air filter I should order?

Answer: Usually, the polyester panel air filters’ size is printed on the cardboard frame the filter is surrounded by.

5.) How often should I change these?

Answer: Change according to the mfr recommended max pressure drop or change on a PM schedule depending to usage.

6.) What if I use a different size filter than what is recommended for the opening?

Answer: It is important to use a polyester panel air filter that the unit or area is spec’d for. Failure to use the proper size polyester panel air filter may result in a dirty working environment.

7.) Why should I use pleated vs. fiberglass filters?

Answer: They are more efficient and will capture smaller particles that can cause breathing problems. .

8.) Do I change when the filters look dirty?

Answer: Not necessarily. They change cycle should be determined by pressure drop across the filter. Visual inspection cannot accurately determine remaining life.

9.) How do polyester filters compare with other brands?

Answer: Our filters meet or exceed the Ashrae standards. Please request test reports if needed.

10.)How can I increase efficiency of the polyester panel filters?

Answer: We can offer higher Merv ratings. Please consult your rep for options.


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