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Polyester filters (exhaust) can come in varying widths, weave patterns, and weight densities. Polyester filters (exhaust) resemble “pillow stuffing”. Polyester filters (exhaust) are often a good choice for spray to waste powder coaters and wood finishers. Polyester filters (exhaust) tend to appear “robust” to the eye when used in operations, however, they can plug up sooner than their paper & fiberglass paint booth filter (exhaust) counter-parts.

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Standard cut pad sizes of polyester filters (exhaust) are usually 20”x20” & 20”x25”. Polyester filters (exhaust) are typically available in roll widths between 20”-84” like other standard paint booth filters (exhaust) in the industry. Polyester filters are durable but do not have the memory (compression bounce back) of other paint booth filters like fiberglass paint booth filters. Polyester filters (exhaust) are also useful at trapping dust because of their tight weave construction. Most polyester filters (exhaust) in the marketplace are higher efficiency – meaning they have good stopping power, but aren’t always the easiest to handle due to their bulkiness. FAQ’s regarding polyester filters (exhaust):

1.) How do I stop more paint from going out the exhaust stacks in my paint booth?

Answer: Use high efficiency 1” or 2” thick polyester filters in your paint booth.

2.) I want a filter that can be swept after usage to prolong it’s service life – what filter material do I use?

Answer: Polyester filters are great for achieving this - they are rigid and fluffy so they will not break down after being swept – particularly after spraying quick drying dusty finishes.

3.) How do I increase the life of my polyester filters without compromising performance?

Answer: Consider the filter density and thickness based on what type of finish (or) paint you are spraying in the paint booth. For example: typically, 1” thick polyester filters offer longer filter life when used with heavier quick drying paints and finishes than 5/8” polyester filters do.

4.) How can I maintain a paint booth that is efficient and always performing well?

Answer: Use the proper polyester filters for the types of paints & finishes you are spraying. Also, use paint booth filters (intake panel air filters - if applicable), paint booth flame retardant floor covering and strippable & washable booth coating.

5.) Why does my paint booth seem like it is not working properly?

Answer: Most likely, you have polyester filters that need changing. You may also have a buildup of paint/finish particulate stuck in your paint booth’s stack & on the fan - which sucks air out of the paint booth.

6.) If I use polyester filters, how will they help my finish?

Answer: Polyester filters are designed to reduce overspray inside of the paint booth. By using polyester filters, you can drastically increase the efficiency of your paint booth.

7.) Why should I use polyester filters in my paint booth?

Answer: Polyester paint booth filters offer efficiency and stopping power to reduce the overspray in your paint booth.

8.) Are polyester filters really that important?

Answer: Yes, polyester filters are designed to stop paint – they are a great filter type to use in your paint booth.

9.) How will my polyester filter order ship?

Answer: Polyester filters will typically ship via UPS from Spray America’s warehouse. Shipping is included in the price of the polyester filter order.

10.) How can I increase the airflow in my paint booth?

Answer: Polyester filters that are changed on a regular basis and properly maintained would help increase & keep optimal air flow in your paint booth.

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