Pocket Bag Filters

Pocket Bag Filters (exhaust - liquid / powder) can be used for a variety of paint booth applications. Pocket bag filters (exhaust – liquid / powder) are available in multiple variations – economy, economy (tacky), high efficiency, & high efficiency (tacky) 2-pocket bag filter variations. Pocket bag filters are can be used by both liquid & power coating paint booths. Typically, the economy grade pocket bag filters offer the most value to the consumer because they tend to last almost as long as the more premium high-efficiency pocket bag filters.

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Pocket Bag Filters are available in three sizes – 20”x20”x15”, 20”x25”x15”, & 24”x24”x15”. Pocket bag filters are offered 10 filters per box. Pocket bag filters are constructed of high quality multi-colored polyester with an internal wire frame. Pocket bag filters carry an internal wire frame for support so that they are rigid within the framework they are housed in. FAQ’s regarding pocket bag filters::

1.) How do I keep these filters from bypassing?.

Answer: Make sure you are using the right size filter. They are self-gasketing.

2.) How do I store pocket bag filters.
Answer: Keep the filters in the shipping boxes and wrapped on plastic until ready to install.

3.) How can I clean these?
Answer: Consider changing your pocket bag filters more frequently, and sweep them out every once and a while. Or, you can run a shop vac over the surface.

4.) Do I have options for better performance?
Answer: Yes, you can use a single ply, 2 ply, dry, tacky and high efficiency versions.

5.) How long should these filters last?

Answer: Your usage determines the life. You can change on a PM schedule or as needed based on filter pressure drop.

6.) If I use pocket bag filters (exhaust), how will they help my finish?

Answer: You can get high capacity and high efficiency pockets to optimize flow of air.
7.) What is the most critical detail of pocket filters?
Answer: Pocket bag filters are designed to hold quite a bit of paint/powder. They will provide a long service life.

8.) Are pocket bag filters really necessary for my powder-coating booth?

Answer: Not necessarily, however, using pocket bag filters will greatly reduce the amount of mess in your powder-coating booth.

9.) How are these filters packaged?

Answer: One per box.

10.) What do I do when the air flow is too low.

Answer: Pocket bag filters that are changed on a regular basis and properly maintained would help increase & keep optimal air flow in your paint booth.

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