Pleated Panel Air Filters

Pleated Panel Air Filters are particularly popular for use in homes, plants, warehouses, and sometimes paint booths. Pleated panel air filters offer the benefit of high-efficiency and stopping power in an economical package. Pleated panel air filters are made of pleated poly/cotton media and a rigid cardboard frame. Pleated panel air filters’ cardboard frame offers rigidity so that it can support itself when installed into framework.

                 Pleated Air Intake Filters

Pleated panel air filters are used when a consumer wants to trap as much dust as possible in their environment. Pleated panel air filters are available in a multitude of different sizes. Pleated panel air filters’ media is also supported by internal wire for added efficiency and strength. Many pleated panel air filter sizes are available. With widths ranging from 1”, 2”, and 4” – Spray America has the pleated panel air filter you are looking for.

 FAQ’s regarding pleated panel air filters:

1.) What efficiency should I use?

Answer: Merv 8 filters are standard.

2.) Is there a shelf life?

Answer: No they will last as long as they are kept dry and clean.

3.) How do I increase the life of my pleated panel air filters?

Answer: Pleated panel air filters that are used in clean environments will last longer. If the area you are using the filters in is dusty and dirty, service life of the pleated panel air filters may be compromised.

4.) How should I figure out what size pleated panel air filter I should order?

Answer: Usually, the pleated panel air filters’ size is printed on the cardboard frame the filter is surrounded by.

5.) Is there a right way to install?

Answer: Your pleated panel air filters must be properly installed – Follow the air-flow arrow. .

6.) What if I use a different size filter than what is recommended for the opening?

Answer: It is important to use a pleated panel air filter that the unit or area is spec’d for. Failure to use the proper size pleated panel air filter may result in a dirty working environment.

7.) What do the polyester air filters do?

Answer: Pleated panel air filters help purify the air we breathe. They also keep dust from building up on the equipment.

8.) Why do my pleated panel air filters appear dirty?

Answer: If your pleated panel air filters appear dirty, change the filters. This will help increase the level of clean air in the working environment.

9.) Can I order in any quantity?

Answer: No, filters typically ship 12/case unless they are a special size.

10.)What do I do when the air-flow is too low?

Answer: Make sure to change filters on a regular basis. This will keep clogged filters from choking off air flow.

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