Paper Paint Booth Filters

Paper Paint Booth filters & paper/poly backed filters (exhaust) have been around for quite a while. Paper filters & paper/poly backed filters (exhaust) are considered “low-tech” compare to other types of paint booth filters in the industry. Paper filters & paper/poly backed filters (exhaust) were designed many years ago and are still used in service today. Paper filters & paper/poly backed filters (exhaust) have made advancements though, through using different construction techniques, weave patterns, and additional layers to their designs. Paper filters & paper/poly backed filters (exhaust) work well for most liquid coatings.

High Efficiency Paper Filters                Economy Paper Filters

Standard cut pad sizes in paper filters & paper/poly backed filters (exhaust) are available in 20”x20” & 20”x25” cut pads. Many roll sizes are also available in paper filters & paper/poly backed filters (exhaust) – most commonly these filters are available in 42” & 45” widths by varying lengths. Paper filters (exhaust) tend to be lower efficiency – in that they do not stop as much paint as a polyester filter (exhaust). If a consumer is looking to stop more paint and wishes to continue using a paper filter type, it is recommended they use a paper/poly backed filter (exhaust). Paper filters like the paper/poly backed filter (exhaust) have the added layer of efficiency from their poly backing to help increase the filter’s stopping power. FAQ’s regarding paper filters (exhaust) & paper/poly backed filters (exhaust):

1.) How do I stop more paint from going out the exhaust stacks in my paint booth?

Answer: Use high efficiency 1” or 2” thick polyester filters in your paint booth.

2.) I want a filter that can be swept after usage to prolong it’s service life – what filter material do I use?

Answer: Polyester filters are great for achieving this - they are rigid and fluffy so they will not break down after being swept – particularly after spraying quick drying dusty finishes.

3.) How do I increase the life of my polyester filters without compromising performance?

Answer: Consider the filter density and thickness based on what type of finish (or) paint you are spraying in the paint booth. For example: typically, 1” thick polyester filters offer longer filter life when used with heavier quick drying paints and finishes than 5/8” polyester filters do.

4.) How can I maintain a paint booth that is efficient and always performing well?

Answer: Use the proper polyester filters for the types of paints & finishes you are spraying. Also, use paint booth filters (intake panel air filters - if applicable), paint booth flame retardant floor covering and strippable & washable booth coating.

5.) Why does my paint booth seem like it is not working properly?

Answer: Most likely, you have polyester filters that need changing. You may also have a buildup of paint/finish particulate stuck in your paint booth’s stack & on the fan - which sucks air out of the paint booth.

6.) If I use polyester filters, how will they help my finish?

Answer: Polyester filters are designed to reduce overspray inside of the paint booth. By using polyester filters, you can drastically increase the efficiency of your paint booth.

7.) Why should I use polyester filters in my paint booth?

Answer: Polyester paint booth filters offer efficiency and stopping power to reduce the overspray in your paint booth.

8.) Are polyester filters really that important?

Answer: Yes, polyester filters are designed to stop paint – they are a great filter type to use in your paint booth.

9.) How will my polyester filter order ship?

Answer: Polyester filters will typically ship via UPS from Spray America’s warehouse. Shipping is included in the price of the polyester filter order.

10.) How can I increase the airflow in my paint booth?

Answer: Polyester filters that are changed on a regular basis and properly maintained would help increase & keep optimal air flow in your paint booth.

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