Paint Pocket Filters

Paint Pocket™ filters (exhaust) are available in three types: green/white, white/white, and blue/white. Spray America carries the most economical variation of the Paint Pocket™ filters (exhaust) – green/white. The green/white Paint Pocket filters (exhaust) are constructed using a patented “diamond pocket” construction, making them great at holding more overspray than any other conventional type of paint booth filters on the market today.

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Polyester Paint Booth Filters

Standard cut pad sizes available for Paint Pocket filters (exhaust) are as follows: 20”x20” & 20”x25”. Paint Pocket filters (exhaust) are also available in 30”-60” width rolls by 60’ length. Paint Pocket filters (exhaust) are known throughout the paint booth filter industry as being a premium product. What makes Paint Pocket filters (exhaust) so special, is that they are very efficient and they hold over 2 lbs. of paint fully loaded. Paint Pocket filters (exhaust) are over 99.0+% efficient. Paint Pocket filters (exhaust) are available in boxes of 40/pcs. for cut pads, rolls are offered individually. FAQ’s regarding Paint Pocket filters (exhaust):

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