Paint Booth Final Filters

Paint Booth Final filters are very important to your powder coating system. Performing proper maintenance to change your final filters will help keep the air clean both inside the powder coating system and outside of it – in the plant. Final filters are typically offered in metal box style construction types – most often; final filters are 95% efficient at very low micron level ratings. Final filters are sometimes mistaken for HEPA style filtration in the marketplace because of their close resemblance to HEPA style filters.

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Most commonly, Paint Booth Final Filters are used in conjunction with powder cartridges in powder coating systems. Final filters are seen throughout the marketplace in box style, single-header, and double-header mounting variations. Final filters offered by Spray America come in the following sizes: 24”x24”x12” & 20”x24”x12”. FAQ’s regarding final filters:

 1.) How do I increase my ability to keep my plant and powder coating booth cleaner?

Answer: Change your final filters out when ever you change out your cartridge filters.

2.) What efficiency do I need to re-circulate air in my facility

Answer: At least 95% is recommended

3.) How do I increase the life of my final filters & powder cartridges?

Answer: Keeping both the powder coating booth and the area around the powder coating system is important. This will help ensure that your powder cartridges and final filters are properly functioning.

4.) How can I maintain a powder cartridge booth that is efficient and always performing well?

Answer: Back pulse powder cartridges off line often to keep powder cartridges clean. Change final filters out when powder cartridges are change.

5.) Why do my final filters seem like it is not working properly?

Answer: There may be a breach or blown out final filter or powder cartridge in an area of the powder coating system.

6.) If I use a box style final filter where a single-header final filter should go, what could happen?

Answer: It is important to figure out exactly what type of final filter is needed for the housing it was designed for. Failure to adhere to using the proper final filter mount may result in a malfunctioning powder coating booth.

7.) Can I run without final filters?
Answer: Final filters are often a required part of a powder cartridge system. They will capture small micron particles that are the most hazardous to breathe. They also act as a safety in case of bypass by the main filters.

8.) Do I change my cartridges and finals at the same time?

Answer: The final filters should outlast the cartridges. Please check the final pressure drop to determine appropriate change cycle.

9.) How do I install my final filters?
Answer: Follow the air-flow arrow on the filter.

10.) Can I substitute a lower efficiency filter to increase air-flow?

Answer: A lower efficiency filter will not significantly improve air-flow. Stay with the recommended filters for your system

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