Flame Retardant Floor Paper

Flame Retardant Floor Paper is a great addition to any paint booth, plant area, mixing room, or prepping area. Flame retardant floor paper promotes safety, illumination, and cleanliness in the work environment. Flame retardant floor covering is white in color and is available in the following roll widths and lengths: (80# white = 36”, 42”, 60”, 72”, 84” widths X 300’ lengths / 70# white kraft = 36”, 42”, 60”, 72” widths X 500’ lengths).

White 80 lb Flame Retardant Floor Paper                   70lb Kraft Flame Retardant Floor Covering

Flame Retardant Floor Paper is compliant for use in paint booths and will help provide the added security of assisting the extinguishment of a fire if this occurs in your paint booth. Being bright white in color, offering durability & value, flame retardant floor paper is a great solution for any paint booth operation. FAQ’s regarding flame retardant floor paper::

1.) I would like to cover the floors in my paint booth, what type of paint booth accessories should I use to keep the mess down?

Answer: Paint booth accessories like flame retardant floor paper are great at reducing overspray in the paint booth. Flame retardant floor paper also provides the added benefit of increased illumination in the paint booth.

2.) What size roll of the flame retardant floor paper should I use?

Answer: It is best to measure the width of the paint booth when determining what size flame retardant floor paper roll to choose from. Typically, overlap should be considered to reduce the ability of paint/finish getting onto the floors.

3.) Should I use 70# or 80# flame retardant floor paper in my paint booth?

Answer: It is best to figure out what type of foot traffic you will have in the paint booth before choosing a flame retardant floor paper type. 70# white kraft is good for light foot traffic, 80# is the perfect “all around” flame retardant floor paper grade.

4.) How can I create a maintenance schedule to change out my flame retardant floor paper?

Answer: There is typically no set change out schedule for the flame retardant floor paper. From years of ongoing knowledge, Spray America recommends changing out flame retardant floor paper on a regular basis. This will help ensure a clean working environment for your paint booth.

5.) I can’t decide which flame retardant floor paper is right for me?

Answer: Please email or call Spray America with any questions regarding which flame retardant floor paper may be right for you. In most instances, any flame retardant floor paper grades will work well in most operations.

6.) What colors of floor paper available?

Answer:. Floor paper is white. We have eliminated the dyes in the paper to be more environmentally friendly. The Kraft “brown” was a colored product. It is no longer available.

7.) Can I ship individual rolls UPS?

Answer: Yes, we can ship the rolls in plastic wrap or in a box UPS ground. One at a time if needed.

8.) Will I need to clean my paint booth floors prior to using the flame retardant floor paper?

Answer: It is good to have a clean surface before using flame retardant floor paper, although it is not necessary.

9.) What will happen to flame retardant floor paper if it is exposed to a fire?

Answer: Flame retardant floor paper will turn black and extinguish itself when exposed to flame.

10.)What makes flame retardant floor paper flame retardant?

Flame retardant floor paper is bathed in a special solution - which makes it flame retardant.

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