Fiberglass Panel Air Filters

Fiberglass Panel Air Filters can be used in homes, plants, warehouses, and sometimes paint booths. Fiberglass panel air filters offer the benefit of longevity throughout their usage. Although not highly efficient, fiberglass panel air filters can offer economy and value because of long service life. Fiberglass panel air filters are made of spun fiberglass that is specially manufactured to ensure optimal service life. Fiberglass panel air filters’ cardboard frame offers rigidity so that it can support itself when installed into framework.

Fiberglass Air Filters

Fiberglass Panel Air Filters are used when a consumer wishes to have prolonged service life of their filtration and are not concerned much with stopping power and efficiency. Fiberglass panel air filters are widely used throughout many applications in the marketplace. Many fiberglass panel air filter sizes are available. With widths ranging from 1”, and 2” – Spray America has the fiberglass panel air filters you are looking for. FAQ’s regarding fiberglass panel air filters:

 FAQ’s regarding pleated panel air filters:

1.) Where do I use these?

Answer: Use these type filters to protect your equipment. They are the minimum level of filtration to prevent dust buildup in your air handling system.

2.) Where can I store these?

Answer: Anywhere is OK as long as they are kept dry and damage free.

3.) How long do these last?

Answer: Typically three months. Adjust your change cycle for heavy usage.

4.) How should I figure out what size fiberglass panel air filter I should order?

Answer: Usually, the fiberglass panel air filters’ size is printed on the cardboard frame the filter is surrounded by.

5.) What does it mean when my filter collapses?

Answer: Your fiberglass panel air filters may not be properly installed – or, they may have been in service too long. Increase your change out frequency.

6.) What if I use a different size filter than what is recommended for the opening?

Answer: It is important to use a fiberglass panel air filter that the unit or area is spec’d for. Failure to use the proper size fiberglass panel air filter may result in leakage and excessive dust build up.

7.) Should I use 1” or 2” Air filters?

Answer: Filter thickness is determined by the equipment and opening size. Always follow mfr recommendations.

8.) Do I change when the filters appear dirty?

Answer: If your fiberglass panel air filters appear dirty, change the filters. These are inexpensive filters and frequent change out is a good opportunity to monitor the whole system.

9.) What are case quantities?

Answer: 12/case

10.) Can I substitute fiberglass for pleated filters??

Answer: Yes, please note, pleated air filters protect the air you breathe, fiberglass filters only protect the equipment


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