Dust Collection  Filters

Dust cartridges are very important to plant operations. There are two filter media types that are the most widely used of all dust cartridges for your dust collection system – 80/20 cellulose paper/poly blend, or 100% spun-bond polyester dust cartridges. Dust cartridges are widely used in the following types of processes: welding, plasma cutting, metal grinding, buffing, sanding, chemical processing, powder & dry chemical processing, pharmaceutical applications, and many other types of processes. Dust cartridges are offered in various mounting styles. FAQ’s regarding dust cartridges:

Powder Booth Cartridges Cellulose and Polyester             Powder Booth Cartridges 100% Polyester

1.)How do I know which dust cartridges will work best for me?

Answer: Dust cartridges are available in various mounting styles & media types. Please contact Spray America with any questions you may have regarding dust collection filters.

How come my dust cartridges “plug up” after a short amount of time from when the filters were replaced?

Answer: Dust cartridges can be susceptible to clogging, just as powder coating filters do. It is important to recognize the type of dust you are filtering and choose the appropriate filter media type & dust cartridges for that application.

Why does it seem like my dust cartridges may be letting dust outside of the collector unit?

Answer: This problem could be blamed on poor dust cartridge maintenance.

Will using 100% spun-bond polyester dust cartridges help to increase airflow in my dust collection system?

Answer: Not necessarily. Dust cartridges & the filter media types they are constructed of are chosen by OEM’s to maximize their filtering capability depending on certain designs.

Should I use 80/20 cellulose paper/polyester blended dust cartridges?

Answer: The 80/20 cellulose paper/polyester dust cartridges are a great filter for the value conscious dust cartridge user.

How can I stop more dust from entering into my work area – should I use special dust cartridges?

Answer: Increasing the level of efficiency of your dust cartridges may help eliminate some of the dust issues in your work area – it’s best to use higher efficiency dust cartridges.

Do you carry dust cartridges for OEM dust collection units?

Answer: Yes, Spray America carries a wide variety of standard dust cartridges.
Does Spray America offer open / open end cap configurations on it’s dust cartridges?

Answer: Yes, Spray America offers dust cartridges with many end cap configurations.
How soon will my dust cartridges ship?

Answer: In stock dust cartridges will ship out in 24-48 hours via UPS.

10.)How do I know which dust cartridges are right for me?
Answer: Spray America has the ability to cross-reference the part number of dust cartridges you may be using in your dust collection system.

For inquiries contact:

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