Dissolvable Baffle Filters

Dissolvable Baffle Filters are most useful to the wood finishing industry. Often times, wood finishers demand a filter that can be disposed of easily, promote optimal airflow, and increase the quality of their finish – hence why they often use dissolvable baffle filters. Dissolvable baffle filters are also quite useful, in that they are dissolvable in waste thinner and disposable in liquid form.

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Dissolvable Baffle Filters

Dissolvable Baffle Filters come in boxes of 20 total filters (40 panels). Dissolvable baffle panels are used in tandem to redirect airflow through the paint booth’s exhaust stack. Dissolvable baffle filters tend to be extremely inefficient – so they do not stop much paint/finish particulate. However, dissolvable baffle filters serve a specific purpose to individuals who are quite familiar with their capabilities and benefits. FAQ’s regarding dissolvable baffle filters:

 FAQ’s regarding pleated panel air filters:

1.) Can I overload these filters?

Answer: yes, one suggestion is to refine your spray gun setup if you wish to emit less overspray when using dissolvable baffle filters.

2.) What is the biggest advantage of the super pads?

Answer: they nest together in the shipping box and take up very little room.

3.) How long will they last?
Answer: As long as you have enough air movement and the paint in not falling off the surface.

4.) How can I maintain a paint booth with super pads?

Answer: install “nested” sets in each opening and peel away one layer at a time to expose clean surface. Always keep two pads in each opening with the openings staggered to prevent bypass.

5.) Why should I use dissolvable baffle filters instead of other filter types?

Answer: Dissolvable baffle filters are economical, last a long time, and can be dissolved in waste thinner for liquid disposal.

6.) Are dissolvable baffle filters bad for the environment?

Answer: No, the dissolvable baffle filter is not harmful to the environment. However, when used in a paint booth, paint residue is what makes the filter become harmful to the environment.

7.) What are these filters made of?

Answer: Polystyrene

8.) Do these filters meet emissions standards?
Answer: these are a lower efficiency filters. They may not meet EPA standards

9.) What color are they
Answer white

10.) Can I install these upside down?
Answer, yes, the slots should run up and down.


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