Conventional Spray Guns

Conventional Spray Guns have been around quite a while. While still useful today, conventional spray guns are considered “low-tech” by many spray gun aficionados. Conventional spray guns offer the ability of creating a rapid transfer of paint particulate to the part’s surface. Conventional spray guns often waste over 50% of the paint/finish they are spraying to the inefficient delivery mechanism. Conventional spray guns are good for heavy finishes like glues, adhesives and other types of heftier finishes.

 Lynx Conventional General Purpose Spray Gun $229.29   Lynx Conventional Fine Finish Spray Gun $273.38

Tomcat Conventional Paint Spray Gun $199.27   Jaguar Gravity Feed Fine Finish Spray Gun $345.30

PANTHER 200Z (ZINC RICH) Spray Gun $350.10  PANTHER 200C (Corrosion Control) Spray Gun $278.17

PANTHER 100G (Glue) The Laminator Spray Gun $278.17

Conventional Spray Guns operate at extremely high -pressure ranges, so paint/finish particulate is coming out very quickly. Conventional spray guns waste roughly 30% or more of the paint/finish particulate that they spray because of the conventional spray gun design. FAQ’s regarding conventional spray guns:

 1.) Why should I use a conventional spray gun setup?

Answer: Conventional spray guns are one of the most simple to use spray gun types out there.

2.) What does a conventional spray gun do that other spray guns don’t?

Answer: Conventional spray guns allow for the finisher to work very fast when painting. Conventional spray guns also produce more overspray.

3.) Can I spray glue or adhesive?
Answer: A conventional spray gun is a very versatile setup – conventional spray guns can also handle glues and adhesive spraying quite well.

4.) Can I use a gravity feed cup?

Answer: Yes, conventional spray guns are available with gravity feed cups.

5.) Do conventional spray guns help the environment?

Answer: Not so much, conventional spray guns are less efficient than an air-assisted airless or HVLP spray gun type setup.

6.) How would I know if I was spraying with a conventional spray gun?

Answer: Conventional spray guns omit more overspray and have an easy loose feel to them, allowing for a finisher to increase the speed at which they paint/finish.

7.) Can I get great performance at a low price?

Answer: Conventional spray guns are not always expensive – some may be purchased for very low dollar amounts and can still achieve good performance.

8.) I don’t have a vessel, can I still use conventional spray gun setup?

Answer: Conventional spray guns do not always need to be used with a pressure vessel.

9.) Do conventional spray guns meet EPA requirements?

Answer: Not always. Some industries cannot use conventional spray guns because of EPA restrictions.

10.)What choices do I have for guns?

Answer: It is important to recognize the type of finishing you will be doing. Spray America can help you with a conventional spray gun setup.

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