Compliant Spray Guns

Compliant Spray Guns are very similar to HVLP spray guns. Compliant spray guns use a different air cap resulting in a higher head pressure than an HVLP spray gun. Compliant spray guns increase the rate of transfer efficiency by over 65%. Compliant spray guns, like HVLP spray guns are EPA approved, making them a great choice for a more modern spray gun setup.

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Compliant Spray Guns also help increase the speed of production, much like a conventional spray gun, but not with the wasted paint/finish particulate. Compliant spray guns also give off a better feel than HVLP spray guns because of the air cap difference. Compliant spray guns tend to save painters a lot of money in every year of usage compared to conventional spray gun setups. FAQ’s regarding compliant spray guns::

 1.) When do I use a compliant spray gun setup?

Answer: Compliant spray guns offer good performance, and are easy to use – much like an HVLP & air-assisted airless spray gun.

2.) What are the main differences between conventional spray guns and others?

Answer: Compliant spray guns operate while using a lot of air in the spray gun setup. Compliant spray guns cause low amounts of overspray.

3.) Can I always use a conventional spray gun?
Answer: Compliant spray guns can help increase production speeds. Compliant spray guns can be beneficial for use in most applications; but are sometimes outlawed in high production environments.

4.) Can I equip the gun with a cup?
Answer: Yes, compliant spray guns are available with gravity feed cups.

5.) What is the typical transfer efficiency?

Answer: About 65%

6.) How long do they last?

Answer: With good maintenance, they should last for years. Please follow your owner’ manual.

7.) Can I get a price estimate?

Answer: High quality compliant spray guns may be had for a couple hundred dollars.

8.) Can I use a standard air compressor feed?

Answer: Yes, follow the mfr recommendations.

9.) Does the EPA allow these?

Answer: Yes in most instances compliant spray guns are EPA compliant – however there may be limitations in large volume production facilities.

10.)How do I know if my set up is correct?

Answer: It is important to recognize the type of finishing you will be doing. Spray America can help you with a compliant spray gun setup.

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