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Air filters are typically available in the following types: pleated panel air filters, polyester panel air filters, and fiberglass panel air filters. Pleated panel air filters are constructed of a pleated poly/cotton infused media type. Polyester panel air filters are constructed of 100% polyester media. Fiberglass panel air filters are constructed of fiberglass media. Most air filters are designed with a cardboard fame to help the air filters’ rigidity. Air filters are offered in many sizes depending on the application. Those looking to stop more dust particulate may find that pleated panel air filters are more efficient. Typically, fiberglass panel air filters are considered to be less efficient in terms of stopping power. Polyester panel air filters are often considered as the “mid-grade” as far as dust stopping and holding capacity. FAQ’s regarding air filters.

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Fiberglass Panel Air Filters are used when a consumer wishes to have prolonged service life of their filtration and are not concerned much with stopping power and efficiency. Fiberglass panel air filters are widely used throughout many applications in the marketplace. Many fiberglass panel air filter sizes are available. With widths ranging from 1”, and 2” – Spray America has the fiberglass panel air filters you are looking for. FAQ’s regarding fiberglass panel air filters:

 FAQ’s regarding pleated panel air filters:

1.)What size air filter do I need?

Answer: It is best to measure the area where the air filters are going to determine the best size needed for your application. Also, used air filters are a great way to tell which size you will need. The air filters’ size is often printed on the cardboard frame it is constructed with.
How do I maximize the life of my air filters?

Answer: Usually, air filters that tend to last longer stop & hold less dust. It would be best that you choose air filters that have lower efficiency levels.
Why do I feel like my air filters are plugging up so quickly?

Answer: Air filters may be plugging as a result of the air filters’ media being too efficient, or the air filters are being used in an environment where there is a large amount of dust particulate.

How soon will my air filters ship after I place my order?

Answer: Air filters typically ship out in 24-48 hours after the order is placed – if the air filters are in stock.

If I am looking for cleaner air in my workplace, which type of cardboard-framed air filters should I look at purchasing?

Answer: Pleated panel air filters are the most efficient air filters Spray America offers. If you are looking to stop as much dust as possible, use pleated panel air filters.

What if the air filters that I order are not in stock?

Answer: If you place an order for air filters and they are not in stock, there may be a 3-4 week lead-time from date of order until your air filters are delivered.
How come it seems like my air filters are not working properly?

Answer: It is best to check the installation of your air filters on a regular basis to ensure proper performance. Air filters can become dislodged in their respective holders and bypass may occur. When bypass occurs, air filters are no longer filtering the dust sent through them.
How do I know when I need to change my air filters?

Answer: There is no set schedule on when to change your air filters. It is best to design a maintenance program to ensure proper filtering of dust particulate in the workspace. Adhering to a set maintenance schedule will ensure optimal performance for your air filters.

Can I use air filters in my paint booth?

Answer: Some operators may use air filters on the “intake” side of their paint booths. Polyester air intake panel filters may work better for this type of application – please see the paint booth filters section of this website for more information.

10.)Does the width of my air filters that I am using make a difference or not?
Answer: Not necessarily. Air filters that are wider just tend to hold a little more dust. It may be a requirement that certain air filters have a specific width so that they will fit into the air filters’ housing better.


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