Accordion Style Filters

Accordion Style Filters (exhaust) are used in specific paint booths. Accordion style filters (exhaust) are usually available in standard and high efficiency variations. Standard accordion style filters (exhaust) are seen more widely in marketplace. High efficiency accordion style filters (exhaust) are construction with a polyester layer that is attached to the back of the filter for added stopping power. Spray America offers the standard variation of accordion style filters (exhaust) for your accordion style filter paint booth.

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Accordion Style Filters (exhaust) are available in 36”x30’ boxes, 20”x20” & 20”x25” pads. Accordion style filters (exhaust) are designed for longevity in your paint booth. When used in the proper application, accordion style filters (exhaust) offer great airflow, but often lack in stopping power. Accordion style filters (exhaust) have been used for many decades now throughout the paint & finishing industry. FAQ’s regard accordion style filters (exhaust):

1.) What are accordion filters
Answer: two ply’s of perforated cardboard with a staggered hole pattern

2.) What sizes are standard?
Answer: 20” x20”, 20” x 25”, and 36” x 30’

3.) Can I improve the efficiency?
Answer: yes, we can add a poly backing for efficiency of 99.67%

4.) How Long should the filters last?

Answer: depends on usage and spray volume

5.) When do I change my filters?

Answer: When the holes are getting covered up and the air-flow around the operator drops to an unacceptable level

6.) What are the benefits of accordion filters?
Answer: Long life and high air flow

7.) Why shouldn’t I use accordion style filters?

Answer: When your emissions requirements exceed 98%

8.) How do accordion filters work

Answer: the air moves between the holes and the overspray lands on the paper surface

9.) Are these individually packed?

Answer: no, these are packed 40/case

10.) Does this style filter work as a prefilter?
Answer: No, it is a low tech final filter. Upgrades are available. Please consult your rep for recommendations


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